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Automatic Rockwell & Superficial Hardness Tester TIME6166/6167/6168

Brief Introduction:
TIME6166/6167/6168 Rockwell hardness tester is an upgraded product of TH300/TH320. It adopts the 5.7-inch TFT touch screen and advanced intuitive UI design. The test force is automatically switched. The residual depth h is directly displayed according to the requirements of CANS and Nadcap certification. The test data can be exported to a U disk or an external printer for printing. It also supports data output to a PC with our software for data analysis.
basic information
Product Details

●TIME6166 Rockwell Hardness Tester
  TIME6167 Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester
  TIME6168 Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester
●Conversion of common hardness scales (HLD, HV, HB) & Conversion of Tensile Strength, up to 15/30 kinds of Rockwell hardness scales.
●Automatic test process.
●Dolphin nose indenter can measure workpieces that cannot be measured by conventional models such as circular, tubular, and stepped samples.
●The high-strength cast aluminum alloy body ensures the accuracy of the equipment and is durable.
●The lead screw adopts special material modulation processing, and the lifting is stable and reliable.
●The large disc handle is ergonomically designed and can clamp the specimen more conveniently, quickly and stably.
●Large test space: 260mm in the vertical direction and 150mm in the horizontal direction.
●Intuitive UI and interactive design are adopted, which perfectly fits human intuitional thinking and avoid the trouble of reading manuals.
●The 5.7-inch TFT touch screen clearly displays the test results including the current scale, test force, pressure,maximum value, minimum value, average value, repeatability, strength conversion, hardness conversion,current operation prompts and upper and lower limits
●The initial test force, total test force, and elastic recovery retention time can be set, which are in line with the latest standards of GB/T230-2018, ISO6508, ASTME18.
●The test force and the scale are automatically switched, and automatic reset after power failure.
●With the LVDT sensor, the resolution is increased to 0.01HR, and the residual depth value is innovatively added (range: 10~700μm)
●Data output to U disk, micro printer, or computer for data processing and printing.

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